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To many questions?

Do I have a chance in Germany?
Am I too old for an apprenticeship?

Do I have enough work experience?
How long do I have to learn German?
How long does the whole process take?

How do I find a job in Germany?
What does the placement cost me?

GermanWay will help you if you are looking for ...

  • work in Germany

  • apprenticeship in Germany

  • a contract and a good chance of getting a visa

  • a new challenge in professional life

  • intensive support throughout the process

  • a trustworthy partner by your side

  • a preparation for living in Germany

  • a preparation for working in Germany

  • good applications according to German standards

  • a competent career advisor  

  • to be better than your competitors

  • competent support also in Germany

Contact us on WhatsApp or Facebook to talk about your career opportunities in Germany.

+49 178 7987530

Please send us your résumé and your language certificate




Here you will learn how to create perfect application documents and convince the German employer in the job interview.

Cours Medical

Cours Medical

Here, an experienced professional prepares you for your career in healthcare.


Integration &

Culture course

Here you learn valuable information about life and work and increase your chances of getting a contract and a visa.



Here you will be competently trained in the German language by German teachers. We have special methods that prepare you very well for the exams.

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